As the King of Customer Retention, I am keeping my eyes & ears open to filter “noise” and bring you insight so that you can apply it to your business to retain more customers, resurrect lost ones, and keep them as long as possible.

I recently watched a Youtube video that the entire Internet (including Wikipedia) doesn’t have a clue about the mysterious woman in the black dress behind Scarlett Johansson.

You can check it out yourself in this 39-second video below.

As you watch, pay attention to the “lady-in-black” and figure out where she is.

Can you figure out where the mysterious woman in the black dress behind Scarlett Johansson went because she completely disappeared behind Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet?

If you found the answer, you could become the Internet’s best detective since Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Just saying!

This video reminds me of a sad fact about being a business owner.

Customer is always the red-hot Scarlett Johannson and you are most likely the “lady-in-black” who is often ignored and disappeared.

Customer loyalty is really a thing of the past.

No matter how nice and sincere you are, customers are still shopping around behind your back.

And telling customers to stop shopping around is like telling business owners to stop looking at shiny objects.

Michael Nguyen

While you can’t keep customers from “flirting” with other competing vendors, there’s however a secret to keep them longer.

The secret is to keep customers looking forward to something from your business every day.

“What do you mean, Mike? “, you asked.

Writing emails to customers every day with engaging content is currently one of the best approaches to adding value, entertaining, and keeping them engaged.

But writing daily is hard and requires strong will and discipline.

“Is there an easier way?”, you asked.

Yes, there is.

Another way to keep customers eagerly looking-forwarding to every day is to enter them into DAILY drawing to win prizes using blockchain lottery.

The winner will be announced every day at 2:30PM ET!

Remember how many times you open your phone just to check the scores of your favorite football team or find the best deals from sites like

This is another level of dopamine surge because your customers will rush to check if they are the winner at 2:30pm ET.

This can be an effective way to encourage customers to make larger purchases or stay with you longer, as they are essentially getting a free chance to win a prize in addition to their purchase.

When working with my service uSpenduWin, you don’t have to worry about notifying winners or managing daily prize delivery to winners because the app will do it for you.

The best part is that YOU put ZERO money down to create prizes.

While blockchain lottery may not be the best invention since sliced bread, it’s another tool in your toolbox to avoid being the disappearing “lady in black”, keep customers with you longer and increase sales.

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