Barbie is taking the world by storm!

Google searches for ‘Barbiecore’ have increased 2732% in the past year alone with 7,000 searches every month, and global TikTok content tagged #BarbiecoreInterior has been viewed 4.6 million times, as people search for inspiration on how to incorporate this playful and nostalgic trend into fashion, travel and interiors.

Today I want to share 10 ideas on how you can ride the sensational Barbie wave to retain your customers.

First, let’s learn some facts about Barbie:

  1. Barbie is a household name. She is instantly recognizable and familiar to people of all ages. This makes her a great brand to partner with if you are looking to reach a wide audience.
  2. Barbie has a loyal following. There are millions of Barbie fans around the world who are passionate about the doll. This means that there is a built-in audience for any products or services that are associated with Barbie.
  3. Barbie is aspirational. She is a role model for girls everywhere, and she inspires them to dream big and reach for their goals. This makes her a great brand to partner with if you are looking to tap into the power of aspiration.
  4. Barbie is versatile. She can be used to promote a wide range of products and services, from fashion to education to toys. This makes her a very flexible brand to work with.
  5. Barbie is fun. She is a fun and playful brand that appeals to kids and adults alike. This makes her a great way to create a positive and engaging marketing campaign.
  6. Barbie is relevant. She is constantly evolving to reflect the changing times. This makes her a great way to connect with consumers who are looking for brands that are relevant to their lives.
  7. Barbie is charitable. She is a spokesperson for a number of charities that support girls and women. This makes her a great brand to partner with if you are looking to promote a cause that you care about.
  8. Barbie is collectible. Her dolls, accessories, and fashions are highly sought-after by collectors. This makes her a great way to create a sense of exclusivity around your products or services.
  9. Barbie is global. She is sold in over 150 countries and is enjoyed by girls all over the world. This makes her a great way to reach a global audience with your marketing campaign.
  10. Barbie is iconic. She is a cultural icon that has stood the test of time. This makes her a great way to create a marketing campaign that will be remembered for years to come.

Just imagine how many videos/blobs/IG photos you have to post just to educate your prospects about these virtues.

By associating your brand with Barbie, your business will be instantly perceived as “aspirational”, “fun”, “relevant”, “charitable”, and “iconic”.

1. Barbie-themed Customer Rewards:

Barbie Signature Membership: From Enduring Icon To Loyalty Trail-Blazer - Loyalty & Reward Co

The idea here is to create a customer rewards program where points earned from purchases can be redeemed for exclusive Barbie-themed merchandise.

If you didn’t have your own customer reward, it’s a good excuse to start one because once you

2. Barbie Birthday Surprises:

Barbie | Barbie's BIRTHDAY Song! Happy Birthday, Barbie! - YouTube

Send customers special Barbie-themed gifts or discounts on their birthdays.

This is by far the great way to not only bring back lost customers who haven’t done business with you for ages but also add extra “love points” for existing customers who have been loyal to you.

If you didn’t have customer birthday database, contact my office so that we can help you buy birthday database in your area to get the campaign going. Don’t let the lack of resources hold you back because what you need is help to execute this strategy.

3. Barbie VIP Events:

Barbie's Dream Haus Party With DJ CONNER CURNICK - Bunker

Organize VIP shopping events with a Barbie theme, exclusively for your repeat customers.

Who wouldn’t love to go to a party?

especially theme party?

especially Barbie-theme party?

It’s just fun to go to an event to have fun and connect with people and have a good time.

4. Collaborate with Barbie Influencers:

Barbie Is An Influencer On Instagram

Collaborate with influencers in the Barbie community to create content that exclusively features your products and offers special deals for their followers.

I call this technique “Stand on the giant shoulder”.

Instead of doing everything by yourself from creating content, hosting a party, generating buzz, etc, you can leverage the existing audiences from Influencers aligning with your product & service to get the words out to their audiences about what you offer.

When coupling with the Barbie-theme, the effectiveness will certainly amplify because their audiences feel special when a vendor like you takes the time to customize a special deal for them.

5. Custom Barbie Packages:

Allow loyal customers to customize their own Barbie packages, choosing a selection of products that suits their preferences.

The idea behind “Custom Barbie Packages” is to enhance customer engagement and loyalty by providing a personalized experience. Essentially, you allow your repeat or loyal customers to create their own Barbie package from a selection of products your business offers.

This could include choosing a Barbie doll with specific features (such as hair color, skin tone, etc.), selecting the doll’s clothing and accessories, and even deciding on additional items such as a miniature furniture set, a Barbie car, or a pet for Barbie. You could have options for various themes, like beach vacation, city exploration, or space adventure, allowing customers to mix and match to suit their preferences.

By giving customers the power to customize their purchase, you add value to their shopping experience, making them feel more connected to your brand. It also encourages repeat purchases as customers might want to continue expanding their personalized Barbie collections.

This strategy is all about recognizing and celebrating the individual needs and preferences of each customer, fostering greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Themed Customer Service: Train your customer service team to use Barbie-themed language and imagery in their interactions with customers, making the customer experience more memorable.

Malibu Barbie Cafe New York

“Themed Customer Service” is an approach where your customer service team is trained to use the Barbie theme into their interactions with customers. T

his could include using Barbie-related terminology, referencing Barbie characters or scenarios, or adopting a cheerful, positive tone reminiscent of Barbie’s optimistic character.

For instance, instead of a typical greeting like “How can I assist you today?”, a representative might say “Welcome to Barbie’s dream world! How can I make your day more fabulous?”

For solving problems, they could say, “Let’s navigate this like Barbie would, with creativity and positivity!”

Furthermore, your customer service channels (like chatbots, emails, or phone services) could be designed to fit the Barbie theme, with Barbie-inspired visuals, language, and even hold music.

This kind of themed customer service can enhance the overall customer experience, making it more memorable and unique.

It reinforces the brand identity and can delight customers, especially those who are fans of Barbie. However, it’s crucial to balance this approach with professionalism and high-quality service to meet the diverse needs of your customer base effectively.

7. Barbie-themed Masterclasses or Workshops:
Friends Of Barbie's Boyfriend Have Their Day | WBEZ Chicago
Offer exclusive masterclasses or workshops (like DIY Barbie clothes or Barbie house decoration) to loyal customers.

The idea here is to offer special classes or workshops that revolve around the Barbie theme to your loyal customers. These events can serve as an additional touchpoint between your brand and the customer, reinforcing your relationship while providing value to the customer.

For instance, if your business is a clothing brand, you might organize a workshop on “Designing Clothes for Barbie,” where participants can learn about fashion design by creating miniature outfits for Barbie dolls. This not only engages your customer in a fun, unique experience but also subtly aligns your brand with creativity and fashion-savvy themes inherent in Barbie.

Alternatively, a furniture or home decor company could offer a masterclass on “Decorating Barbie’s Dreamhouse,” teaching participants about interior design principles through the fun, hands-on task of creating a dream space for a Barbie dollhouse.

The type of masterclass or workshop would depend on your business and how your products or services align with the Barbie theme.

The goal is to provide an engaging, educational experience that strengthens the customer’s connection with your brand, encourages repeat business, and cultivates a community of brand loyalists.

8. Barbie Storytime Sessions:

Barbie Storytime Tickets, Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 1:30 PM | Eventbrite

Host virtual Barbie-themed storytime sessions for customers’ children, which can foster a sense of community around your brand.

When creating an engaging and fun experience for your customers’ children, you are fostering positive feelings towards your brand within the family unit.

These storytime sessions could take place virtually, perhaps through a weekly or monthly live video on your brand’s social media channels, or they could be in-person events at your physical locations, if applicable.

In these sessions, a storyteller could read from Barbie-themed children’s books, share tales of Barbie’s various adventures, or even tell stories that incorporate your products into Barbie’s world.

The aim is to entertain and engage with customers’ children, providing a service beyond your usual offerings. This creates an emotional connection with the parents and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Parents could also receive reminders or special invites for these events, which would serve as additional touchpoints between them and your brand. As an extension of this idea, you could offer special promotions or discounts to parents who regularly attend storytime sessions with their children, further incentivizing customer loyalty.

9. Barbie-themed Subscription Service:

1-Year Barbie Signature Membership – Mattel Creations

Offer a subscription service with monthly or quarterly Barbie-themed packages, creating a recurring revenue stream and ensuring consistent customer engagement.

A Barbie-themed subscription service would provide a regular, recurring delivery of Barbie-themed products to your customers. This kind of service is a fantastic way to retain customers and provide them with consistent value, as well as a continuous touchpoint between your brand and the customer.

The content of the subscription boxes could vary depending on your business, but it would always maintain the Barbie theme.

For instance, if your business sells clothing, you might provide a monthly box of Barbie-themed apparel for children. If your business is a toy retailer, you could send a box of Barbie accessories or a new Barbie doll each month.

Subscription services are popular because they offer a “surprise” factor—customers look forward to discovering what’s in their box each month. This sense of anticipation and delight can help to foster customer loyalty.

In addition, you could tier your subscription service, offering different levels (such as Silver, Gold, Platinum) with varying price points and perks. Higher-tier subscriptions might include more items, early access to new products, or exclusive Barbie-themed merchandise.

Remember to keep customer feedback and preferences in mind while designing your subscription service, to ensure it offers products that are valuable and desirable to your customers. This way, your Barbie-themed subscription service can effectively help your business retain its existing customers.

10. Themed Holiday Sales:

A Holiday Barbie Themed Christmas Tree

Host Barbie-themed holiday sales where loyal customers get early access or extra discounts.

“Themed Holiday Sales” are special sales or discounts that you offer around holiday seasons, but with a unique Barbie twist. By incorporating a Barbie theme, you can make your sale events more memorable and exciting for customers, encouraging them to engage with your brand and make purchases.

For example, around Christmas time, you might have a “Barbie’s Winter Wonderland Sale” where all Barbie-related merchandise is discounted. The marketing around this could involve festive Barbie images, the Barbie logo wearing a Santa hat, or a story about Barbie and her friends celebrating the holidays.

On Valentine’s Day, you could have a “Barbie’s Heart-to-Heart Sale” featuring items that have a love or friendship theme, perhaps even offering a special discount for customers who buy two items, promoting the idea of “one for you, one for a loved one”.

For loyal customers, you might give them early access to these sales, or offer them additional discounts. This can make them feel valued and appreciated, which helps to strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

The idea is to use these themed sales to create excitement and urgency around purchasing your products, while also providing a fun, branded experience for your customers. The holidays provide an opportunity to be creative and festive with your branding, and a Barbie theme can add an extra layer of appeal, especially for customers who are fans of Barbie.

There you go, i hope these 10 Barbie-theme ideas can get you excited to ride this sensational and traffic-heavy Barbie theme currently going on.

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