I want to share with you two common mistakes leading to credit card declines, and what to do about them.

And as you realize, credit card declines suck.

More importantly, you are not able to process or capture the revenues. And eventually, you may lose that customer.

Mistake #1: Default to 30 days

I see a lot of entrepreneurs make this mistake when they set the duration for their recurring charge at 30 days.

Now, as you realize some months, there are 31 days.

When that happens, the customer will see double charges on the credit card statement for that month. No wonder why customers call the credit card company to dispute because they have the reason to believe they are double-charged.

And that’s the reason why the credit card company will decline charge.

You as a provider will have to go through multiple steps to rectify things that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Solution: change the default value from 30 days to 31 days

Mistake #2: Identical amount

When your main sale’s amount and upsell’s amount are identical, the credit card companies tend to trigger a “false alarm” and mark the transaction as “fraud” because of similar amounts.

To prevent that from happening, the best way is to make 2 amounts differently to overcome the “false alarm” so that your transaction successfully goes through.

Solution: make your main sale amount different from the upsell amoun

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