Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex & younger son of King Charles III and Princess of Wales Diana, is recently releasing his new memoir book “Spare” talking about the behind-the-scenes of the British Royal family, especially how angry he is at his family and the media.

Prince Harry’s memoir breaks UK sales records and tops Amazon bestseller lists and I could understand somewhat the feeling of King Charles III and prince William, they would immediately feel betrayed, disappointed, or even disavowed prince Harry.

I am not gonna take sides of who’s right & wrong in the British Royal family. I am just sharing the experience of a father of two.

Well, if one of my kids published a book to vent his anger at the family, I would choose to blame myself first as a father for not taking the time to understand and be with my son when he needed me. I will then read my son’s book to understand what he went through during his tough time and really feel it.

“Why would I do this?”

While there’s a chance that my disgruntled son may never forgive me, I am doing this to mend the relationship between their siblings because in Vietnam, there’s a proverb “Siblings are like arms & legs”. Imagine your body would become unbalanced when you lost one arm or one leg.

My kids’ road is still long and if I could do something to mend the acrimonious relationship between them.

After I feel that I understand and feel the pain that my son experienced, I would go see my son and tell him the 3 magic words: “Son, I am sorry“.

A relationship is like glass; once broken, it’s hard to bring back to its previous shape and form.

While i understand my son may not forgive and even forget his excruciatingly painful experience, he will realize one thing that should have happened but never has: for the first time, my son feels heard because his father acknowledges the pain he went through.

Feeling heard and understood is a very important step to rebuild the relationship.

In business, when clients penned a negative review for the business, I used the same principle I am applying to build my L.I.F.E (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) business.

I choose the Easy way by blaming myself for the poor customer experience and taking the time to feel the pain & inconveniences.

After that, I would then make the effort to apologize sincerely because I want my clients to feel heard and understood. Besides apologizing, showing a token of appreciation like using uSpenduWin service to enter your customers into a daily drawing for a chance to win the lottery for 3 months would be a very nice cherry on top to lubricate the message and the experience.

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