Do you know the one book that outsold the Harry Potter book series on the UK’s Amazon site in 2012?

That’s right! Fifty Shades of Grey

According to the Independent at the time, “JK Rowling’s final book in the Potter series, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, is being outsold by the first book in the James trilogy, Fifty Shades Of Grey, by more than two to one on the website.”

That makes E.L. James the best-selling book of the past decade in the United States!

To honor E.L. James and his book “50 Shades of Gray”, here are “Fifty Shades of Sales” ideas you can use to ramp up your sales.

  1. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Savings” promotion, where customers can save 50% on select items.
  2. Create a “Grey Christmas” gift set featuring products from the Fifty Shades line.
  3. Host a “Fifty Shades of Christmas” event in-store, complete with themed decorations and special discounts.
  4. Offer a “Christian Grey’s Choice” collection of hand-picked items from the Fifty Shades line.
  5. Create a “Fifty Shades of Giving” promotion, where a portion of proceeds from Fifty Shades sales goes to a charitable cause.
  6. Host a “Fifty Shades of Fun” in-store event, complete with DIY activities and craft stations inspired by the series.
  7. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Luxury” bundle featuring high-end products from the Fifty Shades line.
  8. Create a “Fifty Shades of Romance” gift guide featuring product recommendations for the perfect date night.
  9. Host a “Fifty Shades of Merry & Bright” in-store event, featuring festive music, treats, and special discounts on Fifty Shades products.
  10. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Stocking Stuffers” promotion, featuring small and affordable items from the Fifty Shades line.
  11. Create a “Fifty Shades of Winter” gift set featuring products that are perfect for cold weather.
  12. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Sparkle” collection of shimmering and glittering items from the Fifty Shades line.
  13. Host a “Fifty Shades of Wrapping Paper” event, where customers can create their own custom wrapping paper inspired by the series.
  14. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Gift Cards” promotion, where customers can purchase Fifty Shades-themed gift cards for their loved ones.
  15. “50 Shades of Savings” sale, offering discounts on a wide range of products.
  16. “Grey Christmas” theme, featuring decorations and gifts in shades of grey.
  17. “Fifty Shades of Festive” gift sets, featuring specially curated collections of items.
  18. “Christian Grey Approved” seal of approval on select luxury items.
  19. “Anastasia’s Picks” collection, featuring gift ideas chosen by the main character of the books.
  20. “Mr. Grey Will See You Now” appointment-only VIP shopping experience.
  21. “Fifty Shades of Giving” charity promotion, with a portion of proceeds donated to a worthy cause.
  22. “Grey Goose” cocktail bar, offering festive drinks inspired by the books.
  23. “Fifty Shades of Romance” couples’ packages, featuring special offers on romantic experiences and gifts.
  24. “Grey Matter” book club, featuring discussions and events centered around the Fifty Shades series.
  25. “Christian’s Closet” fashion show, showcasing grey-inspired clothing and accessories.
  26. “Ana’s Attic” vintage marketplace, featuring antique and vintage finds in shades of grey.
  27. “Fifty Shades of Delicious” food and drink sampling event, featuring grey-themed culinary creations.
  28. “Grey Gardens” garden and outdoor living sale, featuring grey-themed plants, garden décor, and outdoor furniture.
  29. “Fifty Shades of Fun” game and entertainment sale, featuring grey-themed board games, puzzles, and party supplies.
  30. “Grey Area” art sale, featuring works by local artists in shades of grey.
  31. “Fifty Shades of Home” home décor sale, featuring grey-themed furniture, rugs, and home accessories.
  32. Grey Matters” wellness and self-care sale, featuring grey-themed spa and relaxation products.
  33. “Fifty Shades of Beauty” beauty and grooming sale, featuring grey-themed makeup, skincare, and grooming products.
  34. “50 Shades of Green” — a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable gift options
  35. “50 Shades of Comfort” — a selection of cozy and relaxing gifts for the holidays
  36. “50 Shades of Romance” — a collection of romantic gifts for couples, including candles, massage oils, and lingerie
  37. “50 Shades of Indulgence” — a range of luxurious gifts, such as high-end chocolates and gourmet treats
  38. “50 Shades of Fun” — a selection of novelty gifts and games for a playful holiday season
  39. “50 Shades of Self-Care” — a range of gifts designed to promote relaxation and stress relief, such as bath bombs and aromatherapy products
  40. “50 Shades of Pampering” — a selection of spa-themed gifts, including bath salts and scented candles
  41. “50 Shades of Creativity” — a collection of art and craft supplies, books, and other items to inspire creativity and imagination
  42. “50 Shades of Adventure” — a range of gifts for thrill-seekers and adventurers, such as hiking gear and travel accessories
  43. “50 Shades of Style” — a selection of fashionable gifts, such as clothing and accessories, for the stylish person in your life
  44. “50 Shades of Foodie” — a range of gourmet food and drink items, such as exotic spices and unique condiments
  45. “50 Shades of Nostalgia” — a selection of retro and vintage-themed gifts, such as vinyl records and classic candies
  46. “50 Shades of Home” — a collection of home decor and furnishings, such as throw pillows and wall art
  47. “50 Shades of Wellness” — a range of gifts focused on health and wellness, such as fitness equipment and healthy snacks
  48. “50 Shades of Tasteful Gifts” — a selection of sophisticated and elegant gifts, such as fine china and crystal glasses
  49. “50 Shades of Playtime” — a collection of toys and games for kids of all ages
  50. Offer a “Fifty Shades of Christmas” bundle subscription, where customers can receive monthly shipments of themed products from the series.



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