Well…Happy New Year to you! I wish you a prosperous New Year of 2023!

How many of you made New Year’s resolutions?

Let me be honest.

How many of you have broken one already?


How many of you are planning to break the rest while reading till the end of this blog?

…comm’n…don’t be shy…

For me, I made 2 resolutions.

1. Live my L.I.F.E™ (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) business to the fullest

In 2023, I am pushing harder to distribute the $44-million blockchain stimulus to qualified business owners (more on that later).

But first, let’s shift our attention to China’s 1-0 victory over the USA.

Last week, the White House flew the 4,000-page-plus legislation to St. Croix so Mr. Biden could sign into law a $1.65 Trillion Spending Bill where the US government will owe billions of dollars they don’t have of interest to China

…to avoid another government lockdown

…to give $45 billion in aid to help Ukraine fight against Russia’s invasion

But who’s paying for all these?

US Taxpayers

What’s even worst to come is, later on, the US government has to borrow more and go deeper into debt just to pay the interest.

Heck! I am just mid-way through my blog and uncle Sam has already broken its New Year’s resolution: more debt.

Anyway, what is it about the blockchain stimulus?

It’s not debt from which you or your grandchildren don’t have to pay a dime of interest to China or anyone.

This stimulus is not even issued by the US Government.

“Where is the stimulus coming from?” you asked.

It’s new-found money locked in the blockchain earning interest daily so that the interest will be distributed to qualified business owners in the form of lottery prizes.

At the time of writing, here’s the current state of the blockchain stimulus:

  • Stimulus amount: $42,464,649
  • 67,349 participants
  • 1,266 winners in the last 7 days
  • $7,968 won in the last 7 days

“How can I benefit from it?”, you ponder.

You can benefit in a couple of ways

  • Option 1: You can certainly participate and have a chance to enter the DAILY drawing to win prizes from $1 – $200
  • Option 2: You can also have your customers enroll in the DAILY drawing for them to win prizes WITHOUT you putting down a dime.

Option 2 is my favorite because you use OPM (Other People Money) to grow yours WITHOUT paying interest!! (you’re welcome, child).

Heck! you outsmart even uncle Sam who borrows money to pay interest to China for the sake of protecting mice in San Francisco and providing extra support for the National Endowment of Arts, and many more…

Whatever your option is, your ticket to benefit from the blockchain stimulus is to simply join uSpenduWin.com.

2. Help 1000 entrepreneurs to live their L.I.F.E™ (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) business ASAP and no longer have an S.O.S.™ business (Struggling, Obnoxious, and Stressful).

  • Besides my existing products such as my book “Stop Losing Customers”, Churn Buster Kit, Amazon Retention Secrets, and uSpenduWin app, I am planning to start a newsletter called “L.I.F.E Insiders” (sign up here if you want early access).
  • In “L.I.F.E Insiders“, I will be writing topics in 4 quadrants:


According to the Merriam & Webster dictionary, lucrative means “producing wealthPROFITABLE”. I will share insights, experiences, and information to help turn your business into a more lucrative one even if you already had one. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily a how-to, it can be a mindset shift or unlearning a bad habit hindering your business.


Peter Drucker (the “GodFather of modern management”) argues that what defines an entrepreneur is their attitude to change:

‘the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity’. 

Peter Drucker

To exploit change, according to Drucker, is to innovate.

You can start the process of innovation by asking yourself this question every day:

How can you improve what you are doing faster and more efficiently?

Michael Nguyen

And when you keep asking this question with the intent to improve and make it better, you will become better.


Fun is the most underrated source of internal energy to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

One of my mistakes early on in my career is to make goals based on financial rewards. I still do but it’s no longer my #1 priority.

Instead, I prioritize having fun…lots of it.

And you laugh and have fun with what you do every day, it influences your state of mind and makes you feel good.

When you feel good, your family is happy. You serve your tribe better and enthusiastically and people can instantly feel that energy.


You probably heard “Asians are good at math”.

When I first came to the States to study in college from communist Vietnam, I had no friends, no car, and no money.

Tan Son Nhat Airport in 1999 when I left Vietnam for the US.

I used math to make friends, have them drive me to school, and earned good money $12/hr in 2000 from tutoring math for students.

But it comes with a curse.

When the only thing you are good at is Math, you tend to make things complex and harder than it looks.

Instead of shooting fish in the barrel, I choose to fish in the same pond surrounded by high-tech fishing vessels with state-of-the-art sonars and an unlimited ad budget.

No wonder I was struggling early on.

You deserve better and don’t have to struggle like I did.

That’s it for my New Year’s Resolutions.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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