Do you know that the smell of Crayola crayons is so familiar, it is one of the most 20 recognized scents to adults? It ranks up there with coffee and peanut butter. The smell of Crayola crayons is so soothing, that sniffing them has been proven to lower blood pressure.

For most business owners, that’s the wish they are dying to get

How to “Crayola” their business so that it becomes soothing and even “lower blood pressure”?

What it means is that business owners just need to show up every day & only do the part they love to do, “outsource” the stuff they don’t want or hate t do while making sales at the same time.

Did I mention that most businesses aren’t good at marketing because all they want to do is to practice their craft of ___?

For business owners, the dream of “Crayoling” their business is drifting further and further away from them when there is gazillions of things they need to take care everyday.

Seriously? Don’t get me started.

How can you have fun doing your craft when seeing your sales plummet because your competitors are cutting prices and your customers are flocking to them?

How can you have fun doing your craft when some jackasses left you negative reviews on Yelp even though you know they are not true?

How can you have fun doing your craft when your “nicest” client steals away your best employee to work for him?

I hope you get the point.

While I don’t guarantee to “Crayola” your business 100%, one thing you can do is tap into the “Blockchain Stimulus” so that your life is much easier.

What is “Blockchain Stimulus”?

It’s new-found & private money locked in the blockchain earning interest daily so that the interest will be distributed to qualified business owners in the form of daily lottery prizes (ranging from 50 cents — $500)

With over 662 daily prizes, someone has to win

….that could be you or your customers.

Currently, the total amount of stimulus to hand out is a whooping $42,464,649 waiting for qualified business owners to claim.

How “Blockchain Stimulus” helps me “Crayola” my business?

You can leverage free money from the blockchain stimulus to attract your customers from buying more from your product/service

…in exchange for you to put them into a DAILY drawing to win prizes 

WITHOUT you + your customers putting down a dime for the prize.

Check out more details on how to “Crayola” your business at 

Michael “Your Chief Crayola Officer”

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