In 1999. the first winner of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ used no lifelines until the last question, where he called his Dad.

When he spoke to his Dad he told him he didn’t actually need help with the question, he just wanted to let him know he was about to become a millionaire.

Fast-forward to 2022, I still think the desire to become a millionaire without a lifeline is still a thing.

Imagine how cool it is to call your Mom/Dad that you are about to become a millionaire. Their reaction to hearing this from you is just… priceless.

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But it’s not easy as you think because you, as a business owner, have many nemeses, such as:

  1. Competitors
  2. Economic downturns (like the inflation rate to the roof)
  3. Regulatory compliance (red tape)
  4. Lack of access to financing (high borrowing cost from high-interest rate)
  5. Employee turnover (Did Larry-the-Cable-Guy show up this morning?)
  6. Cybersecurity threats (Did you get a ransom demand from North Korea?)
  7. Natural disasters (Oh Katrina again?)
  8. Tax Man (Show me your tax return)
  9. Your Partners (Nagging / Burnout partners)
  10. YOU (Your own limiting beliefs)
  11. Big Tech Companies (Facebook shutting down your ad accounts..hmm…I thought I pay my bill?)

“Why can’t I just focus on what I love to do and ignore the stuff I don’t like?” you asked.

I hear you. Life doesn’t have to be that hard.

Well, just like you can’t escape tax and death. Those above nemeses never go away.

Instead of fighting upstream, you just acknowledge their existence and find a way to go along.

One of the strategies I know of that almost can get you closer to your dream of focusing on what you love to do…

Make your offer so irresistible that it’s a no-brainer for customers to pass.

One of the best ways to make your offer so irresistible is to use blockchain lottery.

Blockchain lotteries are a new and innovative way for businesses to boost sales and retain customers.

By offering customers the chance to win prizes through a secure and transparent blockchain-based system, businesses can create a sense of excitement and engagement, while also building customer loyalty.

When working with blockchain lottery providers like uSpenduWin, businesses don’t have to worry about notifying winners or managing daily prize delivery to winners because the team at uSpenduWin does all of that.

There are 2 things I suspect you love about uSpenduWin:

1. YOU put ZERO money down to create prizes.

2. Your customers are entered into DAILY drawing to win prizes. Winners will be announced everyday at 2:30pm ET.

At the same time, because of the nature of daily drawing, you & your customers may be disappointed at the tiny prizes of up to $200.

It’s a tiny prize but I hope having the odds to win every day will be attractive enough.

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