Just as people like to belong, they also like to be LED, and that’s what the ladder of ascension is all about.  When we leave people to their own devices, they rarely take action WE want them to take

So the ladder of ascension is all about GUIDING them and gently prodding them to do what we want them to do!  

Each rung in the ladder of ascension must be carefully designed to achieve business goals whether educating customers about the premium products and services or promoting engagement so that your customers can stick around longer. 

For example, the Morning Brew’s newsletter started a book club called “Brew’s Bookshelf” to engage with their readers. 

How To Implement This Strategy

  1. Decide what business goals you want to achieve 
  2. Decide the chain of ascension activities you want to tell your customers and how each of the activities will move your customers one step closer to your business goals. Some ideas you can start thinking about: 
    • Running a challenge 
  • Starting a book club
  • encourage customers to aspire to join our panel of experts, 
  • or perhaps be a featured interview or speaker at one of our events 
  1. Remember, fundamentally people support what they help to create, so the more opportunities you have to get them involved, the more likely they are to feel like they have a vested interest in what you’re doing

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