Similar to testimonials, reviews are also great tools to use when you need to pre-empt common fears and objections from your customers, or a partner, spouse, fellow employee, boss, or a business partner who can’t understand why the person “wasted their money”.  

If you own a local brick-and-mortar business, reviews can really help bring new traffic through your doors. If you own a SaaS business or some other type of business that operates primarily online, reviews are also important. 

One mistake a lot of business owners make is that they don’t ever think to actually ask people to write reviews—they just assume it will happen naturally. And sometimes it does. But smart business owners don’t wait for people to leave reviews. They ask them.

How To Implement This Strategy

  1. Make a list of happy customers that you can reach out to. Additionally, you can also create a list of influential bloggers who might be willing to review your products or services.
  2. If you haven’t already, you need to set up profiles for sites that people can go to when they’re ready to leave you a review. For brick-and-mortar businesses, use Moz Local. For SaaS businesses, make sure you get listed on sites like GetApp.
  3. Create a page on your website that you can send people to when they agree to write you a review. Reach out to people on your lists and see who is willing to leave you a review. You decide whether or not you want to create an incentive or reward for people as a way to encourage them to participate. Include a link to your new “leave us a review” page in your email signature.

Recommended Resources

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  2. Moz Local
  3. Yext

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