In the book “Influence” by Dr. Robert Cialdini, he mentioned that reciprocity is one of the most effective tools business owners can use to achieve business goals.

In other words, when you are delivering a solution that solves your customer’s problem, right after that moment, you can ask them to do something for you. Specifically, you can query about the experience of the customer after purchase so that you know what you did right and what needs to improve. 

When you apply this strategy, you can:

  1. Build positive reviews/testimonials
  2. Resolve negative comments/experience
  3. Increase the rate of feedback loop to impro  ve your customer experience process

How To Implement This Strategy

  1. Prepare in advance what information you want to collect from your customers and how you want to use that information after collecting. Here are two recommended questions to get started:
    • What did we do right?
    • What can we improve?
  2. You can set up an automated email with those 2 questions sent to every customer after their purchase, to invite them to share their thoughts about the experience. 
  3. You can then use the responses in two ways. 
    • For positive replies, you can use them as testimonials on your website, social media accounts, or on any marketing materials.  
    • For negative comments, they should be responded to personally to make sure the customer feels heard, and the feedback is taken seriously.
  4. For serious action-takers ONLY –  If you really want to amplify the effectiveness of this campaign, you can reach out to your customer from multiple mediums. 
    • Send an automated text message to your customers’ phones
    • Setup an automated Facebook chatbot to send a message on their Facebook Messenger
    • Leave an automated ringless voicemail message to your customers’ phones

Recommended Resources

  1. List of email solution companies
  1. List of automated text-message platform:
    1. TextMagic
    2. SimpleTexting 
    3. Salesmsg
    4. EZ Texting 
  2. Setup automated Facebook Messenger bot:
  3. Setup automated ringless voicemail: SlyBroadcast and DropCowboy


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