In his best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Kiyosaki sells the idea of becoming a Rich Dad, one must go through the journey from E (Employee) -> S (Self-employed) -> B (Business Owner) -> I (Investor).

According to Kiyosaki, the easiest way to create passive income is to acquire real estate such as duplexes or triplex to generate passive income.

But, when you take a closer look, Kiyosaki’s passive-income strategy is to use Other People’s Money (or OPM) to build your own wealth.

For example, in real estate, you could control the $100,000 property using only a small amount of your own money, while the lender’s money covers the rest of the purchase price.

Similarly, if you were a business owner, you could borrow money from the bank to buy a piece of equipment and put down a small portion of your own money to take full ownership of it.

But OPM can get better.

Today, I want to share another overlooked OPM strategy that very few people know about called Blockchain Stimulus

It’s new-found money locked in the blockchain earning interest daily so that the interest will be distributed to qualified business owners in the form of daily lottery prizes (ranging from 50 cents – $200)

With over 662 daily prizes, someone has to win

….that could be you or your customers.

Currently, the total amount of stimulus to hand out is a whooping $42,464,649 waiting for qualified business owners to claim.

Remember I talked about the OPM earlier?

This is how OPM is done at best because you can leverage free money from the blockchain stimulus to attract your customers from buying more from your product/service

…in exchange for you to put them into a DAILY drawing to win prizes WITHOUT you + your customers putting down a dime for the prize.

Unlike OPM from loans which you have to pay back, you pay ZERO back + ZERO interest when your customers receive prizes from the blockchain stimulus.

If you tried to participate in the blockchain stimulus by yourself, you would face challenges such as the complexity of blockchain protocol, non-custodial wallets, security, etc.

That’s why I created a service called to help you tap into the blockchain stimulus and manage the DAILY drawing and prize distributions to your customers for a tiny fee.

Some words of caution:

THIS IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME. Your customers will never become filthy rich from winning because the prizes are so tiny ranging from 50 cents – $200.

While  may not be perfect for many business owners, it’s really a triple win-win-win situation for qualified ones.

Your Win: when customers buy more from you, your profit increases and you become an instant Rich Dad.

Your Customers: they certainly buy the best product/service from you to solve their problem while tapping into the perpetual blockchain stimulus to have a chance to win daily prizes.

Blockchain stimulus: the program keeps on giving and the prizes keep going up

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