Testimonials are still powerful tools to increase positive social proof that other people were delighted with your service.

Moreover, testimonials can be a great tool to retain customers because you can say something like, “One of our customers recently told us that he was able to…” and then add some kind of result or positive experience.

With that in mind, you need to be proactive when it comes to gathering and sharing the great things that people say about you and your company. 

The Testimonials Strategy is simple: put together a process for collecting testimonials, and create a place (or places) on your website to feature them. When you display testimonials and case studies on your website, welcome emails, and annual renewals, it helps boost confidence among your customers and prospects.

How To Implement This Strategy

  1. Figure out the logistics of how you’re going to start gathering testimonials. 
    • To start, make a list of current and former customers who you think would be willing to say some nice things about you. 
    • Reach out to them personally via email, in person, or over the phone and ask them for a testimonial. 
    • If you know your company and products helped certain people succeed in a big way, ask them to work with you to develop a case study.
  2. After you have your first batch of testimonials and case studies, decide where you want them to live on your website. A few good places to consider: your homepage, your product pages, welcome email, annual renewals, and your About page.
  3. Automate the testimonial gathering process as much as possible by using one of the recommended tools below. Continue adding great testimonials and case studies to various sections and pages of your website.

Recommended Resources

  1. Nimb
  2. Help Scout
  3. Storybox

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